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Revolutionary Technology for 

Mold Remediation and
Germ & Virus Control

Our Mission.

A Non-Toxic Product

As a US Navy Combat Veteran, Frank McHugh witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of chemicals on human health and the environment. After his military service, Frank’s experience as a general contractor led him to discover the same brutal effects of mold prevalent in many homes and businesses. Recognizing that traditional mold remediation relied heavily on chemicals that could be just as hazardous as mold itself, Frank was driven to innovate. His mission was to develop a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution for mold remediation and germ control.
Pure World
Eco-Friendly Enzymes

Our Solution.


Frank’s 15-year research journey led him to a natural solution: a potent blend of five ancient enzymes, which are catalysts that have existed on Earth for over a billion years. These enzymes form the core of PureZyme, our groundbreaking product representing a significant leap forward in the industry, embodying BioPure’s dedication to making the air you breathe pure.
Hazmat Suits

What is PureZyme?

PureZyme is our proprietary, industry-leading antimicrobial that targets and eliminates pathogens with unmatched speed and efficiency. Crafted from a powerful blend of non-toxic enzymes, PureZyme is engineered with a singular mission: to hunt and destroy pathogens and prevent their spread across drywall and other materials. Its remarkable efficacy substantially reduces the amount of compromised material and reduces the need for extensive demolition.

Imagine PureZyme as the Pac-Man of the microbial world, skillfully navigating through hidden spaces, behind walls, inside HVAC systems, and permeating the atmosphere to neutralize toxins wherever they lurk. After completing its mission, PureZyme harmlessly dissipates, leaving a clean and pure environment.

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly

  • Safe for people, pets, plants, surfaces, and marine life​

  • OSHA tested and independently analyzed

  • Effective against germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold

  • Cleans airborne spores and neutralizes foul odors


Unparalleled Performance

  • Significantly reduces demolition, minimizing material and labor costs

  • Fastest remediation times, reducing downtime and increasing tenant satisfaction

  • Minimal disruption for multi-family properties and construction sites

  • HVAC treatments  ensures that the air circulating through your property is clean and healthy


PureZyme for Everyone

  • Insurance Carriers: significantly reduces repairs costs and expedites the reconstruction process

  • Developers: accelerates project timelines, protects investments, ensures compliance

  • Property Managers: most efficient, fastest, and cost-effective remediation

  • Business Owners: proactive germ control, reducing employee sick days

  • Homeowners: service plans to eliminate the hidden culprits behind many common health issues

Construction Site

Proven Results

PureZyme is trusted by leading companies nationwide and the Federal Government, showcasing its effectiveness and reliability across various sectors. Esteemed clients, including the New York Stock Exchange and The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, rely on PureZyme for their mold remediation, germ and virus control, and environmental cleanliness needs.

Cost Control
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