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Infectious Disease Control

BioPure elevates infectious disease control with PureZyme, our groundbreaking, enzyme-based formula designed to combat pathogens effectively and safely. Our services support environments ranging from healthcare facilities to educational institutions, ensuring spaces are not just clean but genuinely health-optimized.

Utilizing PureZyme's powerful, non-toxic properties, we offer an unparalleled approach to disinfection and disease prevention, targeting and neutralizing harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi without compromising environmental or personal health.

With BioPure and PureZyme, you are not just disinfecting; you're adopting a forward-thinking approach to infectious disease control, providing safer, healthier environments for everyone. 

Infectious Disease Control

Disease Control Services

  • PureZyme Pathogen Elimination

  • Hospital-Grade Disinfection

  • Safe for All Environments

  • Rapid Response Protocols

  • Preventative Treatment Plans

  • Comprehensive Surface Sanitization

  • Airborne Disease Mitigation

  • Odor Neutralization

Our Proactive Approach


Targeted Pathogen

 Identifying and assessing pathogen threats to tailor our PureZyme treatment effectively.


Advanced Disinfection

Applying PureZyme in a meticulous process that ensures thorough coverage and pathogen eradication on surfaces and in the air.


Environmentally Safe Application

Ensuring our methods are safe for people, pets, and plants, making them ideal for various settings.


Ongoing Protection

Establishing routine PureZyme treatments to maintain high sanitary standards and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


Rapid Deployment

Offering quick response services for outbreak control, minimizing the spread and impact of infectious agents.


Education and Training

Providing guidance on best practices for maintaining a pathogen-reduced environment post-treatment.


Documentation and Compliance

Ensuring all treatments meet regulatory standards and providing detailed records for your peace of mind.

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