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Fire & Smoke Restoration

BioPure specializes in comprehensive fire and smoke restoration, addressing the aftermath of fire incidents with precision and care. Utilizing advanced techniques and our proprietary PureZyme solution, we ensure the complete removal of smoke residues and odors, restoring your property to its pre-incident condition.

PureZyme's innovative, enzyme-based formula is particularly effective in breaking down the complex chemical structures found in smoke and soot, ensuring a thorough and deep clean that traditional methods can't match.

Choose BioPure for smoke and soot remediation, where our expertise and PureZyme technology combine to offer unmatched restoration quality, ensuring your environment is clean, safe, and welcoming once again.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Fire & Smoke Services

  • Advanced Smoke and Soot Removal

  • Odor Neutralization and Purification

  • PureZyme Enhanced Cleaning

  • Structural and Content Restoration

  • Air Quality Improvement

  • Safe and Effective Treatments

  • Detailed Damage Documentation

BioPure's Approach to Fire & Smoke Restoration



Evaluating the extent of smoke and soot damage to develop a targeted remediation plan.


PureZyme Application

Utilizing PureZyme to break down and eliminate smoke residues and soot at the molecular level, ensuring a comprehensive clean.


Odor Elimination

Addressing and neutralizing smoke odors to restore fresh air quality, making environments comfortable and safe.


Surface and Air

Cleaning and treating all affected surfaces and improving air quality with advanced filtration systems.


Structural Restoration

Repairing and restoring any structural elements damaged by smoke or the remediation process.


Final Inspection and Verification

Conducting a thorough final inspection to ensure complete removal of smoke and soot, with results that meet our high standards.


Preventative Guidance

Offering advice and strategies to mitigate future smoke and soot impact, enhancing long-term property protection.

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