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Optimizing Claims Management for Insurance Companies

Our 30 years of experience as contractors now power an innovative transformation in property claims management for insurance carriers. Leveraging our deep understanding of contractor practices, we effectively address insurers' challenges of reducing fraud and expediting claim resolution. Our proprietary technologies, PureZyme and XpeditePro, are pivotal in driving this industry transformation.

This synergy leads to substantial cost savings for insurers and optimizes workflows, ensuring contractor transparency and a fair claims process for insurers and policyholders. BioPure is your strategic partner in this new legislative landscape, helping you navigate and thrive in a rapidly evolving insurance environment.

We Recognize Your Concerns

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Too Much Fraud

It is a constant battle dealing with fraudulent claims and grossly inflated contractor estimates, a significant concern that necessitates vigilant oversight. The accuracy and legitimacy of each claim are vital to mitigate risks and safeguard the financial integrity.   

Fraud Prevention

Fast Settlements

Recent legislative changes and the need to satisfy policyholders intensify the pressure to expedite the claim resolution process. You are an insurance company, not a general contractor, which presents an inherent challenge in effectively monitoring repair progress. 

Quick Turnaround Time

Quality Control

Ensuring the high quality of repair and restoration work is critical yet challenging, especially without direct control over the operational specifics. Maintaining stringent quality standards is essential for customer satisfaction and upholding your company's reputation in a competitive field.

Quality Control

PureZyme offers insurance carriers an efficient, eco-friendly solution for property remediation, significantly reducing the need for costly demolition. This proprietary, enzyme-based antimicrobial ensures swift and effective pathogen neutralization, streamlining the remediation process and minimizing claim costs


XpeditePro is a cutting-edge, AI-driven platform that revolutionizes the management of property damage claims. With real-time monitoring of the repair process, automated vendor dispatch, and advanced fraud detection, it streamlines the claims process, ensuring faster resolution and cost savings. Tailored for adaptability, it offers a strategic solution to enhance operational efficiency and boost profitability.


The Ideal Solution for Property Insurance Carriers

PureZyme represents a paradigm shift in environmental remediation, tailor-made for property insurance companies focused on minimizing costs, reducing fraud, and maximizing efficiency. This innovative technology reaches even the most inaccessible areas, providing a targeted response to mold remediation without unnecessary and costly demolition practices.

This proprietary technology is not just a product but a comprehensive solution for minimizing fraudulent and inflated insurance claims.

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Less Demolition Required

Traditional remediation often requires significant demolition to access and treat affected areas. PureZyme presents an innovative solution that allows for precise application with minimal intrusion. Instead of dismantling intact cabinetry or structures, PureZyme's capacity to navigate and eliminate pathogens facilitates effective treatment without significant demolition, preserving the surrounding environment.

Faster Claim Resolutions

Our PureZyme technology expedites the remediation process, facilitating faster claim resolution. This efficiency minimizes the duration and extent of repairs, offering a swift and economical solution that satisfies both insurance carriers and policyholders, streamlining the journey from claim initiation to final resolution.

Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness

PureZyme is a cost-effective solution that aligns with insurance carriers' objectives of operational efficiency and expense reduction. Its targeted action means that undamaged areas remain intact, reducing the need for extensive material and labor costs associated with rebuilds and repairs. For insurance companies, this translates into savings and prevents overcharges from unnecessary demolition and reconstruction, fostering a more transparent and accountable remediation process.

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The Future of Remediation

PureZyme is redefining the landscape of environmental remediation with its groundbreaking, eco-friendly technology. As the future of remediation, PureZyme offers a potent, non-toxic solution, harnessing the power of enzymes to effectively eliminate mold, bacteria, and viruses without the harmful side effects of traditional chemicals. 


Built Specifically for Property Damage Claims

XpeditePro revolutionizes the insurance claims process with its advanced, AI-driven platform, engineered to significantly reduce fraud and operational expenses while markedly expediting claim resolutions. With real-time monitoring of the repair process, automated vendor dispatch, and advanced fraud detection, it streamlines the claims process, ensuring faster resolution and cost savings. Tailored for adaptability, it offers a strategic solution to boost profitability and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Real-Time Progress Tracking

Our dynamic, user-friendly dashboard transforms how insurance companies monitor and track the repair process. By automating the organization of claim files, our system ensures a transparent and efficient claims process. Each vendor is required to upload documents at each repair stage, with the subsequent phase only triggered after successful submission and verification. Enhanced by our advanced geo-location feature, carriers and policyholders can track the vendor's real-time location, mirroring the features of popular ride-sharing apps. This functionality bolsters transparency and facilitates timely repair progress.

AI-Powered Fraud Detection

Our integrated AI algorithms analyze before and after photos of each stage, evaluating the extent of the damage and the quality of repairs. This robust analysis offers a substantial layer of verification, highlighting any inconsistencies in the required repairs versus the contractor's reports or invoices. Leveraging advanced machine learning, our system examines patterns and identifies anomalies in claims and contractor behaviors, signaling potential fraud. This enhances the accuracy of claims processing and reinforces the integrity of the repair work.

Vendor Performance Tracking

We are not an insurance contractor; we are an independent quality control company. We leverage cutting-edge technology to meticulously monitor the repair process and ensure that only top-rated contractors perform the repairs. Our comprehensive vendor evaluation system analyzes each contractor's response time, work quality, and cost adherence, fostering a network of only the most reliable and proficient vendors. This rigorous quality-control tool motivates contractors to maintain high standards, ensuring claims are resolved swiftly and policyholders receive excellent repair work.

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Customizable to Fit Your Needs

Recognizing that each insurance company has unique challenges and requirements, XpeditePro is designed for unparalleled customizability and scalability. Our software adapts to handle any claim volume, ensuring optimal performance regardless of scale. Moreover, our development team collaborates closely with your team to customize the software and its integration, ensuring a seamless fit with your existing systems and workflows.

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